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Take off the four wheel-plate nuts, lift up the rear of the machine and remove the rear wheel. If the nuts are tight, put machine in gear to aid removal. Don't lose washers.



There is no need to take the carburattor of completely. Just loosen the holding clamp and leav it hanging. Now disconnect clutch and rear brake cables from back end.



Take off headlamp and handlebar cowling and unscrew the solderless nipples on the gear control cables but do not pull them right off as they can be difficult to replace.



Remove the cover from gear selector mechanisam on top of gearbox and ease the cable nipples from the pulley in the selector box. Inspect them thorougly for fraying



Take the splint pin and knock back locking washer (if fitted) then using a 22 mm. socket spanner, undo main engine mounting nut and drive out spindle with a soft drift


step 6     

Electrics on Capri are quite straightforward. Disconnect the three wires to magneto. Refitting these is done by matching colour to colour. Check all connections


step 7     

All that now  holds the engine is the rear suspension spindle, but before removing it drain out  the oil from chaincase by slackening off the screws and freeing cover


step 8     

Lift engine out complete with exhaust system and place on bench. Two small screws hold the points cover which can be easely removed after taking off the outer plate


step 9     

Two top bolts hold the cooling cowel, while an ordinary "C" spanner can be used to disconnect exhaust pipe flange. If this is thigt it might need some penetrating oil 


step 10     

It is essential to use the special locking tool to hold flywheel while undoing the center nut, which is obviously extremely tight. Do not attempt it without this tool.