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step 11     
Once again the tool is required when extracting the flywheel with one of the screw-in extractors.These are available from Agrati (Sales), St Marks St, Nottingham


step 12     
With the flywheel off, the points and coils, etc. can be examined. Note the Woodruff key on flywheel shaft and also the position of strator plate on the three fixing bolts


step 13     
The rear hub is held by a nylon locking nut under a dust cap. Put it in gear to aid removal. Screw in the special extractor firmly or threads can become damaged


step 14     
Check the splines on shaft for wear and condotion of linings. After a considerable milage the oil seal might require renewal. Lightly grease brake cam and pivot


step 15     
Remove the screws around the primary drive case and drain of f any remaining oil. Note spung chain adjuster and double chain steady on the lower run of the chain


step 16     
If you have no  special holder, wenge the chain and engine spocket to take off mainshaft nut. An ordinary thin two-legged puller will fit over sprocket to extract it


step 17     
Special note must made of the first clutch plate, which is palin on side and Ferodo the other. This must be fitted with the Ferodo inside. Check paltes for wear


step 18     
Screw on clutch puller using a tool like this. A "G" clamp can be adapted to hold the centre while the extractor is being used, if you have no proper holder


step 19     
Having removed clutch centr, a Woodruff key must be taken from the shaft to allow an eyed circlip to be lifted out. Care must taken not to lose the shim underneath


step 20     
The drum and engine sprocket, etc. come off as one unite and are fitted the same way. Next release selector arm from the cable-wheel spindle and pull off forked end from shaft