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Capri and Garelli are lightweight specialists. This year they have had considerable success in the racing field with their 49cc Garelli "Monza" and their latest ride-to-work machine, the Euromoped, is selling well in Europe as well as the UK.

MM went to watch Capri specialist, Paul Bruni, of the Agrati Sales (UK) ltd, St Marks Street, Nottingham strip down the popular 100 cc scooter. No elaborate special tools are needed to carry out the following engine strip, but Agrati recommend that any special extractors that cannot be made up at home be bought, because when removing components that are necessity very tight like the clutch centre or rear hub, extensive damage can occur without the proper tools.

Decarbonising, transmission, clutch and gearbox maintanance and the overhauling of the flywheel magneto can be satisfactorily carried out only when the engine unit has been removed from the frame.

Engine removal is a simple matter and takes very little time. In fact the whole design of the Capri is so straightforward that it should present no problems to average scooter enthusiast - providing he works methodically and uses a reliable handbook or servicing data sheet.

Begin by draining the oil from the drain plug at the rear of the engine casting. This can take a long time if engine is cold and can be speedes up slightly by removing the inspecton cover or slackening off the primary drive case screws and breaking the joint.