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Disconnect cables

Next take off the headlamp rim and disconnect the gear cables from  the twistgrip gearchange and the pully wheel under the gear selector cover out of their solderness nipples because they miht be difficult to refine.

Disconnect the three wires from the junction box under the fuel tank and slacken off carburettor so that it can be removed from its stub but but still hang on its pipes. Take off four nuts which hold the rear wheel to hub and withdraw the wheel, then slacken the screw on the solderness nipple and release rear brake cable. In the same way, the clutch cable can be removed.

Suspension unit

After undoing the nut from the bolt securing the rear suspension unit and also the splint pin and nut from the main engine pivot bold, the engine should be free to be lifted clear.

A few points worth noting are the lengths of the screws in the primary drive case. Fifteen are short and two are long. These latter are fitted in the upper rear hole and the lower front hole of the case.

Lastly, when replacing the clutch plates, remember that the first plate to be fitted into the drum is plain one side and Frerodo the other and that the Ferodo must face inwards.